Icons of Comedy - Riviera


Comedy (TV)

  • Seven Cable Specials
  • Five standup comedy specials for Showtime (written by and starring Elayne Boosler, produced by Brooklyn Prods. Inc.)
  • Party of One (one hour)
  • Broadway Baby (one hour)
  • Live Nude Girls (one hour)
  • Top Tomata (90 minutes, live)
  • Midnight Hour (ninety minutes, live)
  • Cinemax: Two half hour movies. (writer, director, actor, producer)
  • Comedy From Here, A Drama
  • The Call


  • Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher
  • Comic Relief, HBO
  • Larry King Live
  • CNN Showbiz Today
  • The Daily Show
  • Late Show with David Letterman
  • The Tonight Show
  • The Today Show
  • Good Morning America
  • CNN & Co.
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Donny and Marie
  • Roseanne
  • Regis & Everybody
  • Tom Snyder Show (TV & Radio)
  • Hollywood Squares
  • Arsenio Hall Show
  • Numerous News shows
  • MDA Telethon

Guest Appearances (TV)

  • Andy Kaufman – Soundstage
  • Night Court (recurring)
  • The Cosby Show
  • Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (v.o. animated)
  • Duckman (v.o. animated)
  • Dear John
  • Living Single
  • Sisters (recurring)
  • Merrill Markoe’s Guide to Romance
  • Not Necessarily the News

Other Appearances (TV)

  • C-SPAN (live) White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner, sole performer
  • C-SPAN (live) Democratic Candidates Presidential Debate (moderator)
  • A Festival at Ford’s Theater, ABC
  • BBC Easter special (live) – Palladium theater, London
  • 75th Anniversary Royal Command Performance, BBC, London
  • Tour of New York, Today Show, NBC (field piece host)
  • Alan King’s Inside the Comedy Mind (guest star)
  • Comic Strip Live from San Quentin prison, Fox
  • Hurricane Relief, HBO
  • Celebrity Jeopardy

Hosting (TV)

  • Balderdash (syndicated)
  • E Entertainment The Gossip Show (recurring)
  • Romantically Speaking (the Romance Channel, 13 episode talk show)
  • In Her Own Image – syndicated one hour_documentary special
  • Ace Awards (also writer). Co-host John Larroquette (live)
  • Comic Strip Live from the Houston Astrodome
  • Friday Night Videos (numerous)
  • A.M. San Francisco (numerous)
  • The Late Show (guest host)
  • The Pat Sajak Show (guest host)
  • MDA Telethon

Hosting (Radio)

  • Guest host, Stephanie Miller Show (2 years)
  • Guest host Michael Jackson Show

Hosting (Live)

  • Writer’s Guild of America, West, Awards (also writer)
  • Writer’s Guild of America, East, Awards, (also sole writer)
  • New York Women in Film and Television_Awards, (multiple years)
  • Pollstar Awards, (multiple years)
  • Emmy Nominees dinner (co-host with Mayor of Los Angeles)
  • L.A.P.D. Historical Society Dinner and Awards

Sports Shows (TV)

  • Roy Firestone Show (numerous)
  • Dodgers vs. Mets – Sportschannel from L.A. Co-host Duke Snider
  • Sportschannel for Mets from N.Y. (numerous)
  • WWOR TV for Mets from N.Y. (numerous)
  • CBS World Series pre-game, host
  • Hoops That Help-Superdome, HBO basketball special
  • Detroit Pistons for Comic Relief, HBO basketball special
  • Texas Rangers from Texas
  • ESPN ESPY Awards
  • Victor Awards
  • Superbowl Saturday Night (live special, New Orleans)
  • Seattle Mariners, from Seattle
  • St. Louis Cardinals, with Jack Buck from St. Louis
  • U.S. Open with Pam Shriver
  • Spring Training News Spots, 2001

Sports Shows (Radio)

  • Numerous

Sports Appearances (Live)

  • L.A. Dodger’s Hollywood Stars Game (numerous) playing and announcing
  • Overcoming Obstacles Basketball Night – N.Y. Madison Square Garden, player
  • National Anthem Singer (numerous)
  • First Pitch throw out (numerous)
  • Legends Games (numerous)


  • The Call, Cinemax (also writer and director)
  • Comedy From Here, A Drama, Cinemax_(also writer and director)
  • Cuttin’ the Mustard (2006 release)

Writing (Print)

  • Editor and Publisher Magazine
  • L.A. Times
  • Non-Sequitur (guest cartoonist)
  • Esquire magazine
  • New York Times
  • Men’s Health
  • George Magazine (numerous)
  • USA Today
  • LA Weekly
  • The Pet Press (column, celebrity profiles).

Personal Appearances

Theaters, Colleges, Clubs, Conventions, Fundraisers, Fairs and Corporate dates all across America
White House Press Correspondents Dinner, Washington
Ford’s Theater, Washington (for the President and Congress)
Command Performance, Queen of England London Palladium (numerous)
Las Vegas, Tahoe , Reno, Atlantic City, Riverboats and Casinos; where I can be seen getting the mail in my pajamas (numerous)


President Of Brooklyn Productions, Inc., Since 1985