A Beautiful Brush With James Garner

In 1966, my husband Bill Siddons was hitchhiking in Hollywood, with a gas can, since he’d run out. A car comes zooooming past, screeches to a halt, backs up and picks him up. It’s James Garner (be still my heart). Bill, always a speedy driver, says, “Nice driving!” James says, “Thanks. I just finished making this movie, ‘Grand Prix’, and they really taught us how to drive. I’m lovin’ it”. Years later James was eating at Musso & Frank’s in Hollywood. Bill walked by the table, deciding not to disturb him.  James looked up and said, “You have gas in the car?” What a great guy.







The “Jim” Bill is referring to in the photo is Jim Morrison, not Garner. (Lynn Krieger, Bill, and Robby Krieger, on the road with The Doors, 1970.)

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9 thoughts on “A Beautiful Brush With James Garner

  1. What a wonderful story EB. After all these years my friend, I can also attest to knowing a "great guy" in Hollywood.

  2. Elaine, just wanted to say…always been a fan, glad to see you on Fb, and thanks for sharing this story, it made me smile, even though I am still mourning the worlds loss of James Garner.

  3. My father had a great story about being picked up hitchhiking in L.A. in the 30's by Clark Gable….I loved James Garner – a very real person in a town when many aren't…

  4. James Garner was always a favorite actor of mine, and such a great human being. Loved reading his autobiography! Elayne, I can't believe I finally found you – would've helped if I had been spelling your name correctly! 🙁
    You are the only comedienne who had/has me laughing all the time!

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