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Enough Already

If I see one more person coming down that chute in the Sochi Sliding Center… I feel like I’ve been trapped in a funnel all week. Every day, one man, two men, on luges, on sleds, skeletons, bobsleds, backwards, forwards, three people,  one woman, four men and two women, on a sled, in a honda, on a banana peel, head first, knees first, in a frying pan. They didn’t have to build anything else for the Olympics but that slide. Apparently, everyone has good toe point, and everyone hits the side on turn eleven. Can we move on now?

But They Kept Gagging

Huffington Post headline Feb. 3, 2014:  “Pubic Hair Debate”. Will it be televised?

It continues: “The Great Pubic Debate: ‘If You Don’t Like My Hair, Stay Away From My Vagina’ (VIDEO)”. And this is why we can never, ever, get rid of radio.