I went to three Macy’s sales today. 9:am. 1:15 – 1:25pm, and 6:07 – 7:15pm. They’re getting ridiculous. I bought a shirt at 9, it got reduced by 15% by three, I had to go back for a credit, the next day it was 50% off the original price before the 15% reduction. I went back again, returned it, bought it at the new price, saved $28, then spent $55 on a pair of pants, which went on sale the next day for half off. I go every day now. I live there actually.


Dumb Headline of the Day:

“Is The World Ready For An Openly Gay NASCAR Driver?”

No. It will destroy the sanctity of NASCAR.

Reminds me of the great Ed Bluestone’s joke: “My lawyer is great. I got busted for sodomy. He got it reduced to following too closely.”