Bravo Caroline Kennedy

U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy spoke out today against the Japanese Whale Hunt (exposed in the movie “The Cove”). Thank you Caroline, from every animal lover and concerned human being on the planet. Thank you for not just going along to get along, and for bringing meaning to your post, and speaking out against slaughter.


I went to three Macy’s sales today. 9:am. 1:15 – 1:25pm, and 6:07 – 7:15pm. They’re getting ridiculous. I bought a shirt at 9, it got reduced by 15% by three, I had to go back for a credit, the next day it was 50% off the original price before the 15% reduction. I went back again, returned it, bought it at the new price, saved $28, then spent $55 on a pair of pants, which went on sale the next day for half off. I go every day now. I live there actually.


Dumb Headline of the Day:

“Is The World Ready For An Openly Gay NASCAR Driver?”

No. It will destroy the sanctity of NASCAR.

Reminds me of the great Ed Bluestone’s joke: “My lawyer is great. I got busted for sodomy. He got it reduced to following too closely.”