Gold Medals and Purple Osley

“Slope Style” skiing was added to the Olympics in the 90’s. All those guys and women skiing backwards, flying off bannisters and slides, twirling, spinning, flipping and landing upside down? Those were the kids of everyone who dropped acid in the seventies.

But They Kept Gagging

Huffington Post headline Feb. 3, 2014:  “Pubic Hair Debate”. Will it be televised?

It continues: “The Great Pubic Debate: ‘If You Don’t Like My Hair, Stay Away From My Vagina’ (VIDEO)”. And this is why we can never, ever, get rid of radio.

Be Honest

Today the Huffington Post claimed heroin use in America is up 79%. There’s a survey you can rely on.

Line of the Year

“You can’t just be against everything. You have to be FOR something.” – Barack Obama, State of the Union 2014.

(The Republicans’ Love Song to Barack Obama)

Co Cute 10?

Ever since I bought this, my apparently 14 year old husband keeps coming into the kitchen asking, “Are you ready for your mega cock now?”








By the way, the best word on this label is “Ubiquinol”. Gee, it must be in everything.