Robin Williams Documentary. RadarOnline. July 16, 2018

Radar Online: Robin Williams Documentary.

“Robin started pursuing me, I had never been so pursued in my life,” Boosler says in an interview. “All the comics were so caring for me and they said ‘you know we think he has a girlfriend in San Francisco’…I said, ‘do you have a girlfriend in San Francisco?”….

TV: Robin Williams Documentary. NY Times. July 16, 2018

TV: Robin Williams Documentary on HBO.

In “Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind,” airing Monday, July 16, on HBO, the director Marina Zenovich captures that quicksilver genius through archival clips and interviews of Mr. Williams and reminiscences by Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Bobcat Goldthwait, Pam Dawber and Elayne Boosler, as well as his older son, Zak. Skipping from strength to strength — his Juilliard studies, skyrocket to fame in “Mork & Mindy,” milestone performance at the Met Opera and Oscar win for “Good Will Hunting” — the documentary also digs into Mr. Williams’s substance abuse and mental health. And while his suicide on Aug. 11, 2014, is given swift attention — Mr. Williams had received a misdiagnosis of Parkinson’s; an autopsy revealed Lewy body dementia instead — Ms. Zenovich still proves her point: Mr. Williams was happiest when he made the world laugh. KATHRYN SHATTUCK

HBO Doc Remembers Comic Actor With Tough Love. The Wrap. January, 2018

Sundance Review of HBO Robin Williams Documentary.

And then there’s the film’s impressive array of interviews: David Letterman recalls thinking that he’d picked perhaps the worst time to move to L.A. to become a comedian after seeing Williams onstage. Elayne Boosler talks about being Williams’ girlfriend while acknowledging his need to have other women, including another girlfriend in San Francisco, Valerie Velardi, who eventually became his first wife…

“Kill Me Now” podcast with Judy Gold. November/December, 2018

Elayne guests on Judy Gold’s podcast, “Kill Me Now“. They had so much to laugh about, it’s a two parter.